Frequently Asked Questions

PowerPoint Party Games - Support

We want our consumers to have the best experience possible when playing our PowerPoint Party Games. See the below list if you have any issues with loading and playing your games. 

The more complex games can take up to a minute to load at the player selection process, this is normal as it is setting up the selections behind the scenes. Once selections are in place, the games work at a normal pace. 

Sometimes downloaded files can have issues working correctly because they can’t always meet the requirements of all the combinations of different settings and versions of programs that consumers have. 

If you encounter such problems, please take the time to check the following.

  • Ensure *macros are enabled when opening the game – see below for PC and MAC - This is what makes the scores and other parts work correctly.
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of PowerPoint
  • Ensure you only have PowerPoint open once. More than one PowerPoint open at a time can sometimes cause a glitch in your game. Completely close PowerPoint and then reopen only your game.
  • If you have recently updated your software or running system, please restart your computer.


To download any documents required for the game, such as the Host Questions PDF. Either click on the image to the left of the instructions which shows the document image and a DOWNLOAD HERE button OR click on the DOWNLOAD HERE link in the copy. If it doesn't work immediately - please close and reopen the game and try again.


Microsoft Windows PC

  • Click the Microsoft Office Button
  • Click PowerPoint Options
  • Go to your Trust Centre settings to ensure “Disable all *macros except digitally signed macros” is selected.
  • Then close and reopen your game. This step is important.

Additional for Windows 10 or later

  • Open Windows File Explorer
  • Right click the .ppsm game file and choose Properties from the context menu
  • At the bottom of the General tab, select the Unblock checkbox, then select OK or Apply. 
  • Then close and reopen your game. This step is important.



  • Click PowerPoint
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Security & Privacy
  • Click Enable all *macros.
  • Then close and reopen your game. This step is important.

*For all MACRO settings and for both MAC and PC, it is recommended that you revert to your original settings when not playing the PowerPoint Party Game.

If you have tried the above fixes and your game still doesn’t work, the file may need to be repaired. Please follow the instructions below to repair presentation files using PowerPoint.

1. Open PowerPoint app, go to File menu and click the Open button
2. Browse and select your PowerPoint Party Game file (.ppsm) 
3. Click the small arrow located beside Open button and select Open and Repair option
4. Wait for the completion of the repair process
5. This inbuilt repair process helps you to fix the PowerPoint Party Game files that may be slightly corrupted or damaged.
6. If your PowerPoint Party Game file is severely corrupted or damaged, a file repair software like Remo Repair PowerPoint is recommended.


For further assistance please contact